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     Houston Texas-Home of the brave, land of the legendary OG POINT BLANK!
One of Texas’ finest and veteran of the South Music Hip Hop scene, OG Point Blank “The Bull” has been moving crowds all across the globe since his debut release “Prone to Bad Dreams” in 1992.

     Born in Chicago Reginald Gilliand aka OG Point Blank moved to Houston, Texas as a teenager. It was there in his South Park neighborhood that he honed his incredible lyrical skill. In 1990 he became a member of the legendary SPC (South Park Coalition), One of Houston’s most influential music coalitions. A few of its most notable members include: The Terrorist, K-Rino and Gangsta Nip. While part of SPC Point Blank went on to form Wreckless Klan. His 1992 debut “Prone to Bad Dreams” was released on the Big Tyme Records label. OG Point Blanks Discography includes: Mad At The World (1994), N Tha Do (1996), Blowin’ Up The Scene (1996) Bad Newz Travels Fast (1999),DJ SCREW Sentimental Value (2002),DJ Screw As The World Turns Slow (2002),Point Blank My Personal Screw Tape (2003),Point Blank & Slab Slow Loud & Banged Out(2005),Just When You Thought It Was Safe (2007).Yall Got me Fuxxed up Vol.1(2008),Yall got me Fuxxed up Vol.2(2009), Pick Your Poison (2010),Ganxstaz Only (2010),Ganxstaz Only 2 (2012)

      While his releases were impacting the Texas market, OG Point Blank toured the U.S with UGK, The Geto Boyz and DJ Screw, some of biggest names in Southern Music history. Not limited to the U.S, Point Blank has recently toured Europe and Australia.


Don't Get Caught Up In My Grind - Point Blank

OG Point Blank W/ Pimp-C & DJ Screw

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